To clone one of these trees, install git, and run:

git clone git:// + project path.

For more information about git, see an overview, the tutorial or the man pages.


Project Description Owner Last Change V1.0, Ruby, Browserbasierte... 5 years ago
bbmb/.git V2.x, Ruby, Browserbasierte... 7 months ago
bkcg/.git Bitkeeper Export to Git, Ruby 7 years ago
boomer/.git This is boomer, a script for... 7 years ago
ch.oddb.import/.git ODDB v3.0 - Ruby1.9-ready... 7 years ago The Ramaze Version of Open... 6 years ago
ch.oddb/.git ODDB v3.0 - Ruby1.9-ready... 7 years ago
currency/.git Simple local DRb-service for... 3 years ago Content Management 4 weeks ago Open Drug Database Germany... 4 years ago
ebps/.git E-Book Publishing System 3 years ago xmlconv for GAG. 7 months ago
holiday_manager/.git ywesee Holiday Manager, Ruby 7 years ago
htmlgrid/.git HTML-Generator, Ruby 10 days ago xmlconv for Janico. 6 years ago
leosc/.git Ruby-Shell Interface to dict... 7 years ago Rezeptverschreibungs-Software... 7 years ago
migel/.git MiGel-Server for 8 months ago
odba/.git Object Database Access - Ruby... 11 months ago CSS structure for 10 years ago active Swiss Open Drug Databas... 2 days ago
oddb/.git ODDB v3.0 - Ruby1.9-ready... 6 years ago
oddb2tdat/.git oddb2tdat, see http://dev... 4 years ago
parseexcel/.git Excel-Parsing Software, Ruby 9 years ago
patinfo2csv/.git yaml to csv converter for... 4 years ago
pdfinvoice/.git PDF Invoicing, Ruby 13 months ago Order-Backend for http://www... 7 years ago
psych/.git yaml help for 7 years ago
rclconf/.git Ruby Configuration Management... 6 years ago
rpdf2txt/.git ywesee PDF to Text, Ruby 5 years ago
rrba/.git Ruby Role-Based Authentication 12 months ago
rwv2/.git Ruby wv2 bindings 5 years ago Sandoz-specific adaptations... 7 months ago
sbsm/.git Ruby State Based Session Manag... 4 weeks ago
spreadsheet/.git The Spreadsheet Library is... 3 months ago
swissmedic-diff/.git Compares two Excel Documents... 15 months ago
swissmedicjournal/.git Ruby Swissmedic-Journal Parser 7 years ago
text-hyphen/.git Ruby bindings to OpenOffice... 6 years ago BBMB for Vetoquinol. 8 months ago BBMB for Virbac. 3 days ago
xls2odat/.git xls2odat converts one or more... 6 years ago
xmlconv.bak/.git 7 years ago
xmlconv/.git Ruby XML to i/2 converter... 7 months ago
xmlconv2/.git Ruby XML to i/2 converter... 6 years ago
ydim-html/.git ywesee Distributed Invoice... 11 months ago
ydim/.git ywesee Distributed Invoice... 7 weeks ago
ydpm-html.bak/.git ywesee Distributed Project... 7 years ago
ydpm-html/.git HTML-Frontend for ydpm - ywese... 6 years ago
ydpm/.git ywesee Distributed Project... 3 years ago
yipn/.git ywesee ipn for accpeting payme... 2 years ago
yus/.git ywesee User Server, Ruby 9 months ago