descriptionObject Database Access - Ruby Software for Memory Management
last changeMon, 4 Nov 2013 18:47:47 +0000
2013-11-04 Niklaus GigerMake test_storage pass under 1.8.7 master
2013-11-04 Niklaus GigerInitialize @debug to avoid failing travis
2013-11-04 Niklaus GigerUsing simplecov. Added .gitignore
2013-11-04 Niklaus GigerUnitTest adapted to newer flexmock library
2013-11-04 Niklaus GigerAdd minitest for Ruby 1.8.7
2013-11-04 Niklaus GigerUpdated Gemfile for travis-ci
2013-11-04 Niklaus GigerAdded Gemfile and .travis.yml for travis-ci
2013-03-15 Zeno R.R. Davatzodba-1.1.0.gem released
2013-03-15 Yasuhiro AsakaUpdate dict source file name for multi languages
2013-03-15 Zeno R.R. Davatzodba-1.0.9.gem released
2013-03-15 Yasuhiro AsakaUpdate dictionary to be suitable for new tsearch2
2012-01-09 Zeno R.R. Davatzodba-1.0.8.gem released
2012-01-09 Masaomi HatakeyamaAdded exclusive control to update @accessed_by Hash...
2011-12-27 Zeno R.R. Davatzodba-1.0.7.gem released
2011-12-27 Masaomi HatakeyamaDebugged Hash iteration error during cleaning @fetched...
2011-12-23 Zeno R.R. Davatzodba-1.0.6.gem released
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