descriptionactive Swiss Open Drug Database, Ruby
last changeWed, 17 Dec 2014 10:46:25 +0000
29 hours ago Niklaus GigerFix address_suggestion for pharmacies. Add watir test master
2 days ago Niklaus GigerSuggest address modifications
3 days ago Niklaus GigerReturn empty if no zsr found
7 days ago Niklaus GigerDon't add recall/hpc entries twice
8 days ago Niklaus GigerFix recall
9 days ago Niklaus GigerDon't odba_store a PGresult
9 days ago Niklaus GigerBump rubyXL to 3.3.1
9 days ago Niklaus GigerBetter names for medreg imports
9 days ago Niklaus GigerCheck atc_codes for all sequences if swissmedic-atc_cod...
10 days ago Niklaus GigerDo not force encoding for frozen strings
2014-12-03 Niklaus GigerCheck atc_class in swissmedic_update. Don't overwrite...
2014-12-03 Niklaus GigerAdded business_area/narcotics for pharmacies
2014-12-02 Niklaus GigerOnly change the ATC-code if needed
2014-12-02 Niklaus GigerDon't create docs on travis-ci
2014-12-02 Niklaus GigerFix unit test
2014-12-02 Niklaus GigerSkipped some tests. Removed pry from all src/test files
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