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29 hours ago Niklaus GigerEvidentia lnf: remove CAS Registry
2 days ago Zeno R.R. Davatzchown+x on import_swissmedic_only
2 days ago Niklaus GigerCorrected WHO-report for ATC-codes
2 days ago Niklaus GigerUpdate all atc_code defined in swissmedic-Packungen
2 days ago Niklaus GigerRun update ATC-Code from who on 20 of each month
8 days ago Niklaus GigerFix disable narcotic link in resultlist
9 days ago Niklaus GigerFix explain narcotics and link
9 days ago Niklaus GigerDisable feedback for evidentia LnF in package view
9 days ago Niklaus GigerDisable legal note in caption with evidentia lnf.
9 days ago Niklaus GigerUpdated evidentia look-and-feel for 'Show caption'.
2015-01-14 Niklaus GigerFix nil access when searching for fachinfo
2015-01-14 Niklaus GigerFixed listing companies and pharmacies
2015-01-14 Niklaus GigerAdded watir test for home_2_link. Fixed address correct...
2015-01-13 Niklaus GigerFix watir logout
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