descriptionRuby XML to i/2 converter Version 2.0
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2011-02-22 Zeno R.R. DavatzUpdated README.txt, Rakefile, Manifest.txt master
2010-12-20 Zeno R.R. DavatzUpdated UserStories_XmlConv2.txt
2010-12-20 Zeno R.R. DavatzUpdated the formatting of UserStories_XmlConv2
2010-12-20 Zeno R.R. DavatzUpated src/util/application.rb and added lib/xmlconv2...
2010-12-20 Zeno R.R. DavatzUpdated README.txt
2010-12-20 Zeno R.R. DavatzAdded README.txt
2010-12-20 Zeno R.R. DavatzMaking xmlconv2 Rake Ready. Adding Version to src/util...
2009-12-19 Zeno R.R. DavatzAdded GPLv2.0 License.
2006-10-17 Hannes WyssFixed invoicing to 0.15%
2006-08-03 Hannes WyssDistinguish ElectroLAN from W+F
2006-08-03 <hwyss@ywesee... A robuster bogostatus
2006-08-03 Hannes WyssYDIM-Integration
2006-07-07 Hannes WyssTransmit Commission Number instead of Order Number
2006-06-30 Hannes Wyssfixed integration tests
2006-06-30 Hannes WyssIncorporated Feedback
2006-06-21 Hannes Wysstarget-directory for geh is the same as for wf
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