descriptionywesee User Server, Ruby
last changeTue, 12 Jul 2016 12:03:05 +0000
2016-07-12 Niklaus GigerFixed case for allowed_push_host master
2016-07-12 Niklaus GigerFix migrating non-utf8 fields like email
2016-07-11 Niklaus GigerUpdated to version 1.0.4
2016-07-11 Niklaus GigerAdded yus_migrate_to_utf_8
2016-07-11 Niklaus GigerUse always module name Yus (not YUS)
2016-05-24 Niklaus GigerFixed error running yus_show, yus_dump and yus_passwd
2016-05-23 Niklaus GigerRemoved Dockerfiles which I used for testing
2016-05-23 Niklaus GigerRefactored bin/yus* cmd
2016-05-23 Niklaus GigerVersion 1.0.3. Ready for Ruby >= 2.1.0
2015-10-27 Niklaus GigerMade yus run with Ruby 2.1.x and 2.2.x
2015-10-27 Niklaus GigerRun test saving preferences
2014-10-01 Niklaus GigerPrepare for release 1.0.2
2014-10-01 Niklaus GigerOne should call rake test before pushing!
2014-10-01 Niklaus GigerRemoved ruby-password from gem because of problem on...
2014-10-01 Niklaus GigerAdd user name to debug allowed?
2014-10-01 Niklaus GigerCorrected .travis.yml and Gemfile to avoid errors
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